The Academy Ballet Company is a children’s youth ballet company that performs featured rolls in “The Nutcracker”, as well as performing around the community throughout the year.  ABC members all share an excitement of dance and performing.
Company members are chosen by not only their ability in class, but also by their attendance, dedication, positive attitude, performance skills and their improvement throughout the year.  All of these qualities are essential for the members of the Academy Ballet Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to be a company member?
A: There are no extra fees to be a member of the company.  Members are required to participate in fundraising events in order to purchase new costumes, sets and props for our performances. The company class will be factored into student’s tuition.
Q: What will I be required to purchase?
A: While we do not charge members a fee, students must purchase the ABC Warm Up Suit (Jacket $45, Pants $30), Company performance leotard ($20, $25) and Company performance skirt ($15.50).
Q: How many classes per week will my child be required to take?
A: Company members must be enrolled in Ballet level II or above, plus their company level class.  Company classes are either directly before or directly after a ballet class. So, Primary, Junior Apprentice and Junior members must take 3 classes per week (2 ballet + 1 company) and Senior members must take 4 classes per week (3 ballet + 1 company).
Q: What is the “company class”?
A: The company class purpose is to teach choreography for The Nutcracker and for any other dances that will be performed throughout the year.  All technique will be learned in students’ ballet classes.
Q: Will there be other rehearsals?
A: Yes, additional rehearsals may be called.  We will teach all choreography in class, but there are times where we must have all students attend a rehearsal for group pieces. These rehearsals will take place on Friday or Saturday.
Q: Is my child required to take any other dance classes?
A: While it is not required to take other classes at the Dance Academy, we encourage students to study other forms of dance. The Academy Ballet Company performs not only ballet, but jazz, lyrical and modern forms of dance as well.
Q: What is the difference between the company levels?
A: Primary company is for first and second year company members. We consider this level a “Pre-Company” level due to students young ages and ability. Primary company members will focus on a fewer dances per year, compared to those students in the Junior levels. Junior Apprentice and Junior company members are students in Ballet III or higher. These students have been company members for at least one year, or have studied ballet for a number of years in level II or higher. Senior level students are students in Ballet IV and must be en pointe. Senior dancers may follow a different performance schedule than the other levels.

Things To Know

  • There will be a mandatory Academy Ballet Company Summer Intensive the week of August 9th – 13th.  Students will learn excerpts of Nutcracker choreography the first 2 days of the intensive with an audition on day 3 to determine which rolls they will be given for “The Nutcracker”. Faculty members will collectively determine rolls. Students will also take master classes in Modern and Jazz.
  • A company meeting will be held before classes begin in August. All members plus one parent or family member must attend. At the meeting we will go over 2010-2011 calendar, as well as take orders for warm up suits, leotards and skirts. All company dance wear must be purchased at the meeting. Orders for warm up suits will not be made after September.
  • Although being a company member is a serious commitment, we strive for a balance of discipline and fun. We provide our young dancers with happy memories of performing The Nutcracker each year, dancing in parades and exciting performances throughout the area and at Walt Disney World.
  • Please click here to download the company member registration form.